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Security Services | Mizoram | TID: 12073735
1 Auction sale of unserviceable store like defense, tentage, Miscellaneous items, Sport item, Welfare fund/ Grant, ration PM, MT, Magazine, Empty pipes, New paper. | Due on 18-Oct-2014  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Mizoram | TID: 10982060
2 Supply of Miscellaneous articles Life buoy soap, weight 0.120 gr. each, Battery (Eveready/ Nippo), No. 950/1050, Candle (big size) 210gr per pkt., Boric acid, 0.500 gram pkt., Sunny fresh/harpic (0.500) ml, each bottle, Match. (AIM/Bulb)., Coconut Oil(Shalimar/Parachute, 0.500 Ml. Each tin, Napthaline ball., Viz powder 500 gram pkt., Washing soda/ O.K., detergent powder, Washing soap, O.K. / Television, (170g) each, Blue, 450 gr. pkt(Robin blue), Phynile (5 ltrs cane ), Finit (5 Ltrs tin/Baygan ), Ludo (best quality) big size, Chinies checker with chese, board best qulity., Carrum board with guti(best quality), Big size., Playing card(plastic quoted best quality), Volly ball No. 6. best quality, Volly ball net -do-, Badminton racket, Std. Size -do-, Thiner oil, Amul spray (1kg tin), Gear oil (1Ltr. Tin), Break Oil -do-, Mobil (C.R.B.-30) castle 5 Ltrs tin), GTX, Towel (big) Targish, Towel (small) –do-, Tooth paste (Colgate) 50 gram tube, Bed sheet (single) best quality, Khaki button for shirt (iron, proof )best quality, Khaki button for pant (iron, Proof) best quality, Khaki & white thread, chettak) Terricotton ( 150 mtrs), real, Niddle for sewing machine No. 14 & 16., Niddle for hand No. 7., Sewing machine oil, Room freshener, Dettol, Lux soap (big) 75 gr., Tooth Brush (Colgate), Chair cushion best quality, Spray gun (plastic made), Comb (std. size), Stapler Machine size 24/6-26/6, Kangaro –999, Iron chain for key std. Size, L-1.5 mtrs.), Fevical Gum , Wt.- 100 gr. Tube, Lectozen ( Weight 1 kg tin), Cerelacs ( Weight 1 kg tin), Britania Biscuits ( thin arrarote), Toilet brash (Std size), Self stick repositionable note, Paper Markers), Refil (Blue/ Black) pointed, Refil (Red) -do-, White paper (DFC), size 32cm x 69 cm. 8.9. Kg., Type paper, size 21 cm x 33 cm, Weight 1.4. kg, Carban paper (BCR-555) best, Quality 210 x 330 MM, File cover best quality, File board best quality, Stencil paper, Koress Multiprint/Gestenator comp.)., Xerox Paper (Modi brand), Size, A-3- 95, A-4 200, A-5-5), Riban (koress) best quality, Gum Paste(700ml bottle)camel brand, Dot pen (two mouth) best quality, Stamp pad (small) Ashoke brasnd, Stamp pad (big) -do-, Jems Clip best quality, Alpin. Best quality, Tag (made of Cotton) best quality, Duplicating paper, best quality, Hindustan company, weight 2.3 kg, Per ream, size 21.5 cm x 32.5. cm., Kores Eraz-Ex correction fluid, & Diluter 15 ml each, Pin cushion ( best quality), Paper clip, plastic made (std. Size), One time Gel Pen (Black/Red), Calculator machine ( Caseo ) 12 Dagits, Water sponge (best quality), Stapler’s pin Kores 24/6(1000 each box), Celotap ( Big size), Chalk, Lock small, Envelop /Kham Big size 12” x 16”, Envelop /Kham Medium size 5” x, Envelop /Kham small size 4” x 9”, AR-202 ST Towner Cartridge Black, NPG-28 Toner (Black), Canon, HI-Lighten Marker pen, Knife with handle made of steel std., size best quality, Bod Kin (Sujan ), Cotton thread (Krishna -8 ) 900 mtrs, DMP Ribbon Cartridge ( size, EPSON FX-105) best quality., for the prisoners of Kendriya Sansodhanagar. | Due on 16-Jun-2014  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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